“Old” SAT Closeout SALE!

The SAT is changing and you have limited opportunities to take the test before the changes go into effect. To help students review (especially over winter break), I’m putting my online SAT program on SALE!

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This is the same online course we’ve offered for years. Students have 24/7 access to video lessons of me teaching content and strategies for the SAT. Students can work in the middle of the night, pause to take notes, or re-watch if needed—you control what you learn and when.

If you have a junior who wants to take the SAT this year, do it before the test changes. And take advantage of this sale.

Make sure your teen doesn’t show up to the SAT unprepared and unmotivated

What if I told you that you could help.…

  • Improve your student’s chances of being accepted by some of the nations’ most prestigious colleges and universities
  • Increase your teen’s scholarship opportunities by 50%
  • Increase your student’s chances of being admitted to an honors experience at the college level or a reputable undergraduate program

Would that sound like it’s too good to be true? Well, it’s not.

In fact, I have been helping involved parents like yourself give their teens a leg up on the rest by prepping for the college admissions test that could either open these doors or close some of them on your teen’s college going dreams.

“Ms. Dorsey, so far he’s been accepted to Baylor with a $50,000 scholarship, OU, TCU, and to A&M’s college of business. He is definitely learning towards A&M. Four for four, thanks to your help!”   Ann B.

College admission is more competitive than ever!

With college admissions being so tough these days, your young scholar must stand out among the crowd. Having to compete with students with stellar academic records, college level classes on their high school transcripts and even some with GPAs as high as 6.0, it’s no wonder college bound students and their parents are anxious and stressed. And… being the involved parent that you are, you want nothing short of the best for your children, doing all within your power to give them every advantage and that includes getting into the college of their choice.

The SAT plays a significant role in the admission decisions at most universities and colleges. Because many colleges use a formula involving GPA or class rank and standardized test scores to determine admission, better scores equal better chances of being accepted.

Some students even gain admission based solely on their test scores alone.

Scores on the SAT can be the difference between:

  • Ivy League or Local College
  • Student Loans or Full Ride Scholarship
  • Guaranteed Admission or Provisional Acceptance

To increase your student’s chances of doing well on the BIG test, it’s best to prepare with a program specific to that test. And, the good thing is… it’s never really too late. Considering the fact that test prep is like training for a marathon, the best time to start preparing is right before your students start taking their college level tests, usually during their junior and senior year. During this same time frame, it could be quite difficult to significantly improve an average or good GPA. However, the SAT score can still be considerably impacted. This is where my program can help!

“My Success Coach” SAT Prep Program

Some of the benefits of going through the SAT Prep program include:

  • Reduced test anxiety – students feel more confident and prepared
  • Improved college bound vocabulary that will not only help with the writing portion of the test but will help with the college admissions essays as well.
  • Enhanced knowledge of material – even impacting actual classes your student is enrolled in now (particularly English and Math)
  • Higher Test Scores
  • Better College Options
  • Ability to apply for and GET scholarships
  • Scores that qualify for some of the most prestigious honors programs and experiences

Solid & Proven Test Prep = Improved Test Scores


“Megan, I just got my scores! I got 480 in Reading (up from 360), 540 in Math (420 before) and 540 in writing (470 before). And I just committed to play for UNC because my scores were high enough. Thank YOU!!”  –Darby R.

 Yes, your student will need to put in the time and effort to do well on such a high stakes test but it doesn’t have to be a dreadfully long or boring experience as most SAT prep programs are. My program gives students the opportunity to login during the times that works best for them, when they are primed for learning; it allows them to chunk it out or complete modules with lessons lasting only 15 to 30 minutes each and it gives them the opportunity to submit questions within their FACEBOOK group directly to me for answers.


“I was expecting a long and boring class but Ms. Dorsey keeps the classes fun. I’ve learned a lot and my scores are much better!”   –Jackson R.

All that competiveness brings along more stress….

With so much riding on this test, it can cause unusual levels of anxiety and stress for students impacting their performance. In my programs, students also learn to manage their nerves and gain a confidence boost sometimes leading to 200-400 point increase in their SAT score.

Help your student feel more prepared…


With My SAT Success Coach, students will learn:


  • Exactly how many questions they need to answer to reach their target score
  • My proven step-by-step approach to mastering the READING section
  • How to manage stress so they can focus
  • How to approach the most commonly tested MATH concepts
  • Proven strategies for making the most of their time on each section
  • Vocabulary words frequently seen on the SAT
  • The ten most commonly tested grammar errors and (more important) how to identify them
  • Five specific things graders look for in the essay (I was one of those official graders!)

“I feel prepared! I know lots of techniques I didn’t know before. I have a good understanding of the test and how to approach it now. I also liked the low stress of the class. I felt like I could ask questions and not feel stupid. I’m going to tell my brother he’s got to take this class. Thanks Ms. Dorsey”  –Caitlen A.


As you can see, your student will not only be taught the content needed to excel on the SAT but he or she will be given the STRATEGY to conquer this test as well. It’s easy to get started. Just enroll in one of the categories below.

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